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German Light Tanks

German players start out with only a single light tank to work with at Tier 1: the Leichttraktor.  Though this tank is slow and has a weak starting weapon, you can upgrade various aspects such as the engine and main gun to make it more competitive.  Fear not, because you will easily progress to the next tier of tanks fairly rapidly.
After gaining enough experience and credits you have 4 paths you can travel: two tank paths, a tank destroyer (TD) path, and a path for self-propelled guns, also known as SPGs or artillery.  Upon full release of the game, there will be a third tank path as well.  The choices for tank are the PzKpfwII and the Pz.35(t).  Both light tanks on tier 2 are completely different in play style. First we'll look at the Pz.II.

The Pz.II is a more modern style German tank with a low profile, decent speed and a good armor slope. Once upgraded to the point where you have the 2cm autocannon it becomes a close range armor shredder. The German tank tree further branches out at this point.


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